Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All Inclusive Assassination

There is something extremely disturbing going on in America. Earlier this month the government authorized the assassination of Americans abroad, in hostile territories. The type of citizens being targeted are those authorized by the president to be killed for suspected terrorist acts or participation. This practice was started by former President Bush after the attacks in 2001. However, the Obama administration has decided to follow suit.

Now, what is wrong with this? The government is just trying to protect the interests and safety of the American people, after the attacks that claimed so many precious citizens' lives. If Americans abroad are taking part in such heinous activities, then surely they deserve to be hunted down and eliminated, right?

Wrong. This is where things are complicated. While the government suspects these people of committing crimes against the nation, the assassinations are clearanced without irrefutable proof of their guilt.

If the CIA or military think that you are going to engage in criminal or terrorist activities abroad, you are subject to being taken out without a trial, hearing, or any other way to defend your innocence.

This is wrong on so many different levels. As one of the supposed best nations in the world, we surely have the means and resources to detain the alleged terrorists and bring them back home to clear their names, or prove their guilt with concrete evidence and a fair hearing; this is the right of any citizen of the United States, as proclaimed by the Constitution.

In the ideal world, violence would never be an option, but in reality, many people are going to support violence as the best option to combat terrorism. The fact remains that we cannot allow our leaders to kill our fellow Americans without discretion or regards to the values that we are supposedly based on: justice, freedom, and the rights of the people.

Please check out the articles below; they comment on this development with much more eloquence and insight than I can muster.

- Sooki