Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tis my pleasure...

Oh, my.

Well, this is awkward.

My name is Sooki, but you can call me your BFF. Mmkay?

There really is no smooth way to introduce oneself, so I'll go first. I'm a hermit that likes to make pretty pictures. (I don't take them well...but...). I am on a college campus attending a boarding school for Math and Science.

I identify as a durn feminist pacifist liberal *grumble* godless.... *mutter* socialist.... *snarl* commie takin away my guns!


Let's get this over with; it's worse than pulling teeth.

"Solve for i" is a blog based on activism, outfit blogging, photo editing, and life in the G33ky side of the tracks. I wouldn't expect it to get much more exciting than that.

I'm a nerdy girl! Liek ohemgee that is so frawesome i think i may just go die. Are you liek, one of those gamer-type gurlz? How do you keep up with the boyzez cuz ya know their sooooo much better at that geekey stuff.

Well, that concludes the obligatory AWKWARD GIRL IS AWKWARD first post.
So...uh...that's it rite?

Kthxbai then.