Friday, February 12, 2010

Well hello, my PREETIE

It's wonderful to be home! I missed the ability to walk across a room without having to get all scrunchy and ninja-like.
Listening: Heart.

Tonight promises to be exciting: Indian food and awesomeness with some of the most high fashion, intelligent girlies in my semi-hometown.

So, what is tonight's gorgeous ensemble?

Wow, that really is a bad picture.
But apathy prevails!!

Cutesy zipppppy shirt by W@llm@rt, along with stripy undershirt. Beaded necklace DYI by my cute 9 year old neighbor.
Watch by W@llm@rt; purple bracelet by NARAL.
You should check them out.
SUPER SLIT skirt by mum's closet.
Stripy Wicked Witch of the West socks by: way too long ago to remember.
Buckley pirate boots by either Charlotte Russe or modcloth. Depends on where you shop.