Saturday, February 13, 2010

Your Daily Empowerment Happy

Found via Feministing, this video makes me want to wiggle in self satisfaction and give conspiratorial glances to my fellow lady friends. (Kinda NSFW if your boss doesn't dig an f-bomb and an angry woman)

On a more disappointing note, I recieved an email from a beloved relative of mine with some troubling elements in it. You know those "Demotivational Posters?" Like the black background with an often offensive picture and some cynical text? Well, this is what I got:

WOMEN: It's dangerous outside of the kitchen.

And... *drumroll* Are you ready?!

SEXISM: Only ugly bitches complain about it.

I got this email from a woman. And I guess she found it funny; but how could she? She's of the same generation preaching love and acceptance, but then it's almost as if she is advocating this brand of apathetic sexism.

That makes me sad. But the protestor in piccy two makes me happy. I want to be her, in a totally non-creepy kind of way.

Ever thoughtful,