Monday, March 15, 2010

*gasp* I'm back! seems that with all the tweaking done on the school's super amazing internet, my blog has been blocked, so not even I, Sooki, can edit or read or visit it! How tragic.
I missed my baby.

Looks like me and my best buddy LIBRARY are going to become even closer.

I think it's rather ridiculous that a blog website is blocked. There is no profanity, or even slightly inappropriate content on here. I think the point of these is to prevent our communication with the outside world, which is, in effect, a pointless venture. Dangling something like this out of the reach of exceptionally resourceful high school students is only going to provoke them to find ways around it, or push their way through to access information and outlets they wouldn't have been that excited about if said content was not blocked! *breathes for air*

And in doing that, they will only jeopardize our internet situation even more. It's quite the unnecessary circle.

That, and I have a research paper to write! Subject: Powerful Women and Their Negative Portrayal in Classical Literature. Whoop de doo!

So, I missed the International Day for Women (on which I attended the Vagina Monologues, which in a word, were STUNNING), and many other events that have already been blogged into oblivion. Talk about a casualty.

Alas, I shall have to cut mine losses and move on!
There is research to be done, and in the meantime, moral outrage may simmer. Fare thee well for now, mine love.